Need help completing your cash flow statement?

  • What is cash flow?
  • Calculating cash flow
  • Positive and negative cash flow
  • Improving cash flow
  • Cash flow management tools and applications

  • Estimating future cash flow
  • Cash flow projections

What gets measured gets managed.

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Download your free cash flow statement template.

This pre-made cash flow statement template includes one visual example of a cash flow statement and one empty sheet to fill in for your own business. Get started reporting your business cash flow sooner with this free template!


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What's inside this cash flow statement template?

  • A fun example of a business cash flow statement

  • Customizable fields with pre-populated formulas

  • Explanations for cash flow concepts

  • Available in both Excel and Google Sheets file formats

FundThrough makes cash flow management simple

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A cash flow statement communicates where your company's cash is coming and going. 
Regularly reporting cash flow is a healthy habit.

A cash flow statement will paint a picture of your company's financial health and ability to repay. 

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